Ca.o – Dancing with Chauma – Alternative

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Dancing with Chauma who says Dancing decks must be long? Ca.o dance with Chauma and its enough for dancing moves Chauma is one of best all-round deck in market, good for freestyle, freeride even for dancing as yo...

See How Skateboarding Is Changing Lives in Rural South Africa | Short Film Showcase | National Geographic

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Within the Valley of a Thousand Hills in rural Durban, South Africa, there's a group of young skateboarders practicing on a half-pipe and a bowl. They're all part of the Indigo Skate Camp, a movement that looks to nur...

Go-Goats Freeride 2016 – Official Video

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Voici la vidéo officielle de la superbe édition du Go-Goats Freeride 2016. On espère pouvoir vous rappellez pleins de bon souvenirs en ce début d'entre saisons ! Sponsors : Blackkross Kustom Longboardz TSG INTERNATIO...

Bogus Basin Downhill Longboarding Drone Footage – Shred Boise – LBID

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A big thanks to for capturing some amazing arial footage of our riders shredding Bogus Basin, Idaho! Paul Beverley, C.J. Wilkinson, Patrick Wilkinson, Matt Fisher, and Brandon Kumar en...

ZEROPARE – Lilù in the dark

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Night run with Lilù, enjoy! rider - Lilù follow cam/edit - Viruz music - Gramatik "Brave men" special thanks to B52 PUCKS & IYDLIYAF

Optimized ride | Remember Collective

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Aboubakry Seck is as smooth as they come, Here we take a little adventure around Paris, France with him to some of his local spots. Abou is riding the 74a optimos enjoying the increased roll speed provided by the larg...

Clip of The Day – 12 [Longboarding] – Aero Media

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Sorry for not posting in a while, we have been out filming videos for companies like Omen and Skate[Slate]! To keep up to date follow us on INSTAGRAM Here are some clips I got of Nick Pappas while in No...

Central Mass 7 Video // Skate[Slate] x Aero Media // Exclusive Release!

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Aero Media's Wes Eldridge packed his bags and headed to Central Mass 7 for 3 days of fun [and spandex] put on by Emgee Events and Mike Girard. Watch the exclusive release of the video here and peep some of the Aero Me...

Central Mass 7: Day 3 Update – Skate[Slate].TV

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Find out what went down at Central Mass Skate Festival​ on Day 3 with theSkate Jam thanks to Aero Media​. More Day 3 details and photos on the blog here: Peep the Day 3 video a...

Central Mass 7: Day 2 Update – Skate[Slate].TV

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Find out what went down at Central Mass Skate Festival​ on Day 2 with the DH Race thanks to Aero Media​. More details and photos on the blog here: The 7th annual iteration of t...

Best of Bad Decisions Alex: October 2016 – Skate[Slate].TV

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When you're straight flexin your meme game and late submitting videos... Check out the Best of Bad Decisions October thanks to Alex Owen Ameen. Featuring: Sho Ouellette, Juan Pablo Villegas, Panelo, Kalil Hammouri,...

Skate[Slate] Archives: Kevin Reimer at Newtons 2009

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Digging into the Skate[Slate] Archives we're throwing it back to Newton's 2009 with Kevin Reimer breaking it all down after winning the event. Video by Dan Pape with thanks to Aera Trucks. Find out more about Newto...

Check Out: Ryka Mohammadian – Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 31

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Ryka Mohammadian got a Check Out feature in Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 31. Peep the Alex Ameen edit and be sure to watch Ryka's Raw run here: Rider: Ryka Mohammadian - Powell-Per...

Check Out: Miles Parker – Skate[Slate].TV

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Yung ripper and Oakland Born Goon, Miles Parker got a Check Out feature in Skate[Slate] Magazine issue 31. Peep the raw run and feel his fire as he charges out front of Mr. Bad Decisions himself, Alex Ameen.  ...

Will Royce – Bustin Boards – Santa Barbara Raw Run

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While shooting our 'Santa Barbara' video this spring with Max Ballesteros and Noah Fischer, Will and Michael Alfuso (shooter/editor) took a break to shoot this raw run. Enjoy!

William Royce – Raw Run – Skate[Slate].TV

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Will Royce​ charges hard and shreds some chunkier down in Mexico with Bad Decisions Alex for our latest Skate[Slate].TV raw run! Rider: William Royce Bustin Boards,​ Five-O Wheels​, Gullwing Truck Co.,​ S1 Helme...

William Royce – Raw Run – SkateSlate.TV

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William Royce travels the world shredding and sent us this raw run from from when he was in Medellin, Columbia. If you haven't checked out

Will Royce – Halloween Malibu

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There is a Monkey loose. And it might be William Royce. Happy Halloween!

Marco Suarez | Bps Classic

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Marco Suarez - Rat Snitch Media

Alejandro Linares | Sho Stopper | Water Squad

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Ale takes his Sho Stopper out for some laps on the local hills rider: Alejandro Linares

Quenched – Water Squad

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Water Squad - Vancouver, BC

Linden Pye | Whiss Hard Skate Hard

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Film: Bake Jallantyne Location: Whiss Van Popperties

Rayne – Rival and Supreme – Longboards

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The completely new Rayne Rival and Supreme are the dirty love child of a Vendetta, Nemesis, and Killswitch ménage à

Sector 9 – Fall 2012 SST Flannels

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Brand new flannels from the Fall 2012 SST (Stealth Slide Technology) line are now available!Chance Gaul

Greener Pastures EP5 Racing: Featuring John Barnet

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EP5: Racing With the Greener Pastures filming section in Switzerland coming to a close, we were all ready to

LongTreks Morocco – Episode 7: Gorge Du Dades

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Last episode, the crew journeyed into the Saharan dunes for a romantic evening with camels and two days lathered in

Most Talked About

Loaded Boards | Raw in Malibu with Dandoy Tongco

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Dandoy Tongco joined the Loaded Boards team when he was 14 and since then has been inspiring longboarders from all over the world with his smooth riding skills. We are happy to say that after years of hard work, Dando...

Miles Parker & Ryka Mohammadian – Entitlement Urethane 2015

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Entitlement Urethane is proud to announce that Miles Parker & Ryka Mohammadian are part of our official team. Both of these riders have shown their ability to use our urethane on a variety of surfaces. Both of these r...

Maryhill Festival of Speed Uphill Challenge

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Colby Parks too second at the Maryhill Festival of Speed Uphill Challenge. Peep the footage from the back of the Uhaul as they pace the pack. 1st - Brandon DesJarlaise 2nd - Colby Parks 3rd - Kaspar Heinrici

Alpenrauschen 2015 (Official Video) – Big Mountain Skate

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Alpenraushen 2015 - Official Video: In this episode you can see some of the greatest features from Alpenrauschen 2015 - awesome people, great mood, good beer and food, crazy road and riders and so on.. but this is not...