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Tune in to Muirskate’s “How To” series with Scott Lembach, as he shows us how to grip a longboard skateboard.<br />

Gripping Instructions:

The first thing you do is align the grip with the board. Press out all the air bubbles and creases starting from the nose, making your way through to the tail. This is very important and assures your grip is sticking completely to board.

Next, take your file, and sand out an outline of the board. The darker the outline, the easier it will be to cut out with your razor blade.

Once you have a dark enough outline, take your razor blade and make the first cut. Be sure to hold the razor blade at a consistent 45 degree angle all the way around the board to ensure a clean cut.

Then cut out the nose and tail and be sure to move the excess grip out of the way as you go.

Now we can move on to cutting out the drop-through. Take the tip of the file and carefully outline the holes. Again, the darker the outline, the easier it will be to cut out.

Once you have an outline, make a small cut to get started. Finally, work your way around the drop-through until the grip is completely removed.

Scott’s deck:

Scott’s Grip:

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