2014 Modela Series – Bustin Boards Company

Introducing the 2014 Modela Series from Bustin Boards, comprised of the 33″ skate everything edition and the 26″ Mini with usable nose and tail. Watch the video and learn more about each of the boards below. Also visit www.bustinboards.com for more information…

Dave Aparicio (Bustin Team Manager)
Eddie Henriquez
Andy Millien
Steven Vera

Seth Brown
Mac Ghostskate
Jennay Say’Qua

“Don’t Break The Needle” by J. Roddy Walston

About The Boards

We’ve revised our popular Modela with a slightly more compact shape. The new city smasher edition is ultra portable with wheel flares so you can run more wheels than you’d ever think. Combine it all into a fully loaded, fully functional tail, and you get the ultimate in NYC street crushing. This is a 33″ single kick skateboard that can shred from parks to streets to boardwalks.

Why Did We Make it? Skating Everything” is something we’ve all been hearing a lot lately. In a place with such with such diverse skate terrain as New York City, this is a vibe we cannot ignore, and as such, we are bound by skate-law to build skateboards with all-around skateboarding in mind. The Modela is just that. Part city shredder, part trickster, part surfy carver/cruiser, and part hill slashin’ freeride machine, the Modela 33″ can do it all. And do it well.

Learn more at http://bustinboards.com/v/longboards/modela33.asp

Everything about our popular Modela deck, shrunk down into a fully functional mini with a fully functional, fully thrashable nose and tail. This back-packed sized single kick is ideal for stashing under your desk at work or in your locker between classes. Bust it out for a quick ride to get coffee, or take it with you on your next weekend trip! It’s the mini-cruiser that’s Built To Skate, Not To Fake!

Why Did We Make It? We’re tired of watching toys being pawned off as skateboards! When we say that our Modela26 is Build to Skate, Not to Fake, we mean it. How’s that? Wait for the video and we’ll show you. In the meantime, to help you understand take your normal everyday cruiser board, add concave to the tail for better board feel and more pop, add wheel flares for wheel clearance and extra foot geometry and you’re left with a cruiser that eats other cruisers for breakfast! OM NOM NOM

Learn more at http://bustinboards.com/v/longboards/modela26.asp

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