Trapped in Seattle

Ethan Cochard, Camilo Cespedes, Griffin Gravel and Miguel Azanza turned a failed Giants Head trip into a successful skate trip to one of the North West’s best cities for skating down hills.

Big thanks to Nate Blackburn of Oh Ef TV for providing a space to crash and a car to get around in.

Ethan Cochard – Loaded Tesseract, 44 Caliber II’s, Orangatang 80a Kilmers
Camilo Cespedes – Cantellated Tesseract, 48 Aeras, Orangatang 80a Kilmers
Miguel Azanza – Cantellated Tesseract, 45 Rey Trucks, Orangatang 83a Kilmers
Griffin Gravel – Loaded Overland, PNL’s, Orangatang 83a Keanus

Song: “The Way U Do” by Shlohmo (RL Grimes Remix)

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