LongTreks Morocco – Episode 7: Gorge Du Dades

Last episode, the crew journeyed into the Saharan dunes for a romantic evening with camels and two days lathered in sunscreen. A three day break altogether from skating makes them eager to get back on the road, starting from Ourzazate, traveling east through Valee Du Dades, coincidentally for the Festival of the Roses in El Kelaa M’gouna. Passing off the festival and opting to skate the Gorge du Dades, one of the most radical designs in roadwork, the Long Treks team skates into the massive Gorge. Unfortunately, Adam is the last of the three to be struck with a powerful and tormenting stomach flu. Need not to go into detail, Aaron and Paul enjoy a day of skating switchback after switchback in the famous Moroccan Gorge.

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