5 Longboard Edits in 360 Video

New technology that helps capture and share our stories are sometimes hit and miss. No one can deny that somewhere between Go Pro and Youtube, the small, easy to use and generally indestructible “action cam”, paired with the internet, has had some of the most significant impact on skateboarding around the world since the urethane wheel. The advancements in smart phone technology have similarly put the power of capturing reasonably high quality, HD, video anywhere anytime and share it easily to get it in everyone’s hands. No more VHS. No more miniDV. No more SD card really needed either. So when capturing and sharing media is so cheap, easy, widespread and overflowing, there are only a few ways to separate yourself from the massive stampede of content everywhere: Incredible stories; Amazing art; or the best (newest) toys – aka being ‘first!’. Go Pro footage, iPhone super slow motion, 4K, ultra high ISO night time captures, drone footage and now, 360 degree videos make for interesting explorations in the marriage of skateboarding and digital media and no doubt will have an impact on how we record and consume this habit into the future.

Remember when the vantage point of the fisheye lens blew your mind? Now let’s see what you can do with every possible angle at your recording fingertips. – Youtube Creator Blog

360 degree video technology has been available for sometime now really. When it first came out it was rudimentary for the most part, but now that it’s being better understood and more easily captured, what we really needed was more ways to view it. Democracy wins when we the people create demand for the technology, so Youtube was quick to try and create a wide playing field for viewing. Now with increasingly cheaper 360 video recording devices and a social way to share it on the web, we’re finding 360 degree video recording devices in more and more hands. Of course, like our adoption of the Go Pro and smart phones, downhill skateboarders are starting to take advantage of and share their footage of riding in 360 degrees too.

Want to learn more about 360 degree video and how to view them, read the Youtube Creator Blog here.

NOTE TO USERS: Youtube #360video are new technology and will not work on all browsers or in all blog embeds. The best place to view these videos is currently still on your mobile device, in the native Youtube app. If you don’t have a youtube app on your mobile device, download one!

Here are the best five 360 videos we’ve found so far – in no particular order:

360 Downhill Skateboarding (View in Chrome) [RAW] – Serge Berig – First?!

360º Video Spanish Skatepark in 4k – Loaded Newsletter Bruno Sirera & Alberto Alepuz (PerroPro)

Bouygues Telecom – Longboards – 360° – Bouygues Telcom & Longboard Girls Crew

360º video: star wars skateboarding +40mph in 4K – PerroPro & friends

Longboard à 80km/h – Nouvelle-Zélande 360@ – 360@ officiel, Jean-Sébastien Desbordes & Vincent Nguyen

Got a video we missed and want to share? Mention in the comments below or submit your videos here.

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