Native Boarders Crew
The Native boiz had a little fun the past couple months. Heres the best of it….that we filmed.
Suggest what we should do next.

Nick Pappas, Ethan Denton, Mark nicolaus, Sydney Peverly
“Take the power back” by: Rage against the machine

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Les Robertson

Born in Vancouver, Les has been backpacking and adventuring around the globe most of his life. Skateboarding made it easier to get around, eventually leading to a long trek skate adventure across Kenya. With a new appreciation for skateboards and some good connections, Les dropped everything to make skateboarding his life and, as they say, it's all been downhill since. Now Editor at Skate[Slate] and one of the owners of Flatspot Longboards, Les spends the rest of his time raising his first kid, plugged into the skate-web, and skating with Coast Longboarding.

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