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Adaptive Skate Kollective 

Adaptive Skate Kollective is a non-profit that travels across the country providing skate clinics, demos and competitions for people with different abilities.

We don’t like to use the term ‘disability”. because that implies that something is lacking, but the people that participate in our programs are full of extraordinary abilities.

If selected we would use the grant to buy a mobile skate park from Fresh Park, in California. With a mobile skatepark, we could host clinics anywhere, and expand our programs to reach a broader audience.  The cost for the mobile skatepark is approximately $8,174.66 plus tax. Clinic costs are $2500 per Clinic because of rental costs. With this mobile park, it will cut our costs down to $1,000 per Clinic. Giving us more funds to focus on sponsorship opportunities for families in need to get to our clinics. We do not charge any fees for our clinics or events.

We would have the ability to provide skate clinics indoors, or in cities where skateparks are limited or nonexistent.

We’re currently preparing our 2017 season to be our most spectacular yet, with plans to host clinics at amputee kids camps and adaptive events all over the country. A mobile skate park would cut the cost of renting indoor facilities or outsourcing skatepark rentals.

We appreciate you support and your vote. Thank you for helping us spread a message that ability has more to do with spirit than perceived physical limitations.

Link to Vote here.

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