“15 Days after my board was ran over by the company van, (we ran it over four times to get the right shot) I’m still skating it. I noticed that it was losing it’s grip, so I decided to put on a new sheet of Mini Logo grip and I am honestly saying that the board feels as good as new.

Once I took the grip off,(which was much easier with the surface of the FLIGHT deck compared to a standard maple surface), I could easily tell where the van ran it over. You can see the stress marks on the top of the deck towards the rails. Then on the rails, there are two dings. One of them is noticeable and the other is a small crack. There is also a good dinger on the nose of the deck. BUT.. none of these damaged areas have chipped apart during all of the abuse that I have inflicted on it! Yes, it gets damaged but it still stays together. (One big reason that skaters switch their decks out is because of pieces chipping away). My deck had a slight razor tail going on, so I sanded it down, I also sanded all of the rails. I feel like all skaters should sand down the rails of their skateboards from time to time.”
– Micaiah Furukawa

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Les Robertson

Born in Vancouver, Les has been backpacking and adventuring around the globe most of his life. Skateboarding made it easier to get around, eventually leading to a long trek skate adventure across Kenya. With a new appreciation for skateboards and some good connections, Les dropped everything to make skateboarding his life and, as they say, it's all been downhill since. Now Editor at Skate[Slate] and one of the owners of Flatspot Longboards, Les spends the rest of his time raising his first kid, plugged into the skate-web, and skating with Coast Longboarding.

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