The Trip is the board everybody should have in their quiver. Pantheon designed this board as a healthy alternative to the plethora of tiny cheap tiny Penny-killers out there that are too small to ride comfortably. Hey if that’s your thing, cool though. The Trip is 32.3″ of 7 ply maple with a 1″ dropped platform and drop through mounting. It has enough clearance to rock big wheels or you can combine a medium width wheel with 150mm trucks and run a super tiny, super streamline get-around setup that you don’t have to ever worry about kicking the wheels with. We prototyped this deck with 150mm Paris trucks and Otang 73mm Cages. No bite, 9″ wide full setup (including wheels) and a TON of carve that could grip or slip just as well.

Pantheon designed this deck around 2 things. The first was utility. The Trip is a deck you can stick in your trunk, your locker, under a desk, or in duffle bag and use it to get around whenever you have the chance. It’s 32-inches long and 9 inches wide and takes up very little space, but almost the entire board is platform, so it doesn’t even feel small.

Filmed & edited by Mike Roberts

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