2017 marks the 20th year of Landyachtz. To celebrate we created a video that embraces all of the styles of skateboarding we love.

Dave Leslie

Dave Leslie
Dan Norberg

Additional Filming:
Jacob Lambert
Max Dubler
Mike Azanza
Zach Keller
Stephen Vaughn
Billy Meiners
Kai Salam
Daniel Evans
Dylan Pearce
Adam Kimak
Juan Vandusen
Charlie Rodriguez

Adam Yates
Alex Hannigan
Billy Bones
Charlie Darragh
Dave Helmer
Dave Rudgers
Dexter Manning
Dillon Stephens
Ed Aviña
Keenan Macartney
Laine Jackart
Mackenzie Yoshida
Martin Gallegos
Nick Hurley
Nick “The Landyachtz Bad Boy” Breton
Riley Harris
Stephen Fitzmaurice
Stephen Vaughn
Steven Vera
Tim Mcclain
Troy Grenier
Zach Keller


“Something Ain’t Right”


“New Psych”

“Seldom Seen”
Joe Beats

Written by Eddie Cavalero
2014 Graham Fraser Music

“Field Book”
M.A. Beat

Leather Girls

Elephant Tree

“Hear Me Out”
The Harlequins

“Smellin Like A Pimp”
Metro Zu

“Pain Is The Name Of Your Game”
Ural Thomas & The Pain



“That’s The Way It Goes”
Indian Wars

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Les Robertson

Born in Vancouver, Les has been backpacking and adventuring around the globe most of his life. Skateboarding made it easier to get around, eventually leading to a long trek skate adventure across Kenya. With a new appreciation for skateboards and some good connections, Les dropped everything to make skateboarding his life and, as they say, it's all been downhill since. Now Editor at Skate[Slate] and one of the owners of Flatspot Longboards, Les spends the rest of his time raising his first kid, plugged into the skate-web, and skating with Coast Longboarding.

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