The Loaded Blood Slayer is now available in select shops worldwide!

Once upon a time in a magical land, lions cavorted with lambs and unicorns munched on the fat of the sky.
Harsh times befell this land. Winter has come.
In these dystopian times the Chubby Unicorn can no longer be a beacon of peace and corpulence.
Behold the Blood Slayer!

After years of soul searching, our beloved Chubby Unicorn has acquired a new self-identity darker than anything we could ever have imagined. The Chubby Unicorn has transcended its doughy and cuddly ways to become the ultimate Cataclysm of Cuteness, the Devourer of Darkness, the Wrecker of Rainbows, the Slayer of Blood… THE BLOOD SLAYER.

Bronan, the lovable Chubby Unicorn, is forced into a mission of conquest and revenge when the band of Un-Merry Men take off with his beloved bride to be, Princess Panda. Overcome with grief and rage, Bronan embarks on a blood-stained journey of mayhem taking him through toxic wastelands, across lush mountains, and into the fiery pits of his arch-nemesis’ castle.

Directed by PerroPro and produced by Loaded Boards. Filmed at YouTube Space LA. Starring Dustin Hampton, Amanda Caloia, Kalil Hammouri, Kyle Chin, Camilo Cespedes, Alex Colorito, and Gerardo Moreno.

Huge thanks to Chemical Burn for supplying the perfectly brutal track “I Rise, I Fly” from their 2015 album Raining Anvils! Support heavy music and check them out! Web:

A monstrous reincarnation of the classic Chubby Unicorn, the Blood Slayer boasts rocker, wide W concave, functional wheel well flares, and nose and tail kicks to create an ergonomic platform for downhill destruction and freestyle fury.

Built-in grab rails and recessed, angled truck mounts shave weight, lower your center of gravity, and keep your steering geometry true.

Urethane sidewalls and new truck hole inserts, a basswood core, and a UHMW base provide abrasion resistance, durability, moisture resistance, and vibration damping.

Length: 42.25” / 107.3 cm
Width: 9.75” / 24.8 cm
Wheelbase: 28.25” / 71.8 cm

Meet the Blood Slayer here:

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