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Step 1: Gather Materials
– Ungripped board
– Loaded Pushin Cushion
– Razor blade
– Edge grinder
– A poker

Step 2: Apply Pushin Cushion
– Remove adhesive backing
– Press firmly on Pushin Cushion to adhere to your board

Step 3: Trim the Excess
– Using a fresh razor blade, lightly graze the Pushin Cushion until your first incision is made
– Slowly slice along the rails of your board for an even cut
– If adhesive builds up on razor blade, use an up-and-down slicing motion

Step 4: Apply Your Grip Tape
– Choose if you want coarse grit or fine grit
– Peel adhesive backing and apply to your board
– Press firmly to ensure there are no bubbles

Step 5: Grind Your Edges
– Using a metal tool, grind the edges of your grip tape against the rails of your board
– Finer grit grip tape will take less force
– Coarse grip tape will require more force and grinding
– Keep grinding until a continuous white silhouette of your board shows through your grip

Step 6: Trim Excess Grip Tape
– Using your razor blade, slowly begin cutting off remaining grip tape
– Follow the rails of your board for a cleaner cut
– Add some relief cuts near kicktails for easer cutting

Step 7: Poke Bolt Holes
– Using your poker, stab out the bolt holes
– Grind/dig out any excess Pushin Cushion remaining in the holes

Step 8: Removing Your Grip Tape
– Using a heat gun or hair dryer, apply heat to the edge of your board for 5-10 seconds
– Slowly begin peeling back your grip tape from the edge while continuously applying heat
– This same process can be used to remove the Pushin Cushion itself

Pushin Cushion is a 3-mm sheet of PORON® Performance foam with super strong adhesive backing. Apply it directly to your longboard deck (under the griptape) to add a whole new dimension of tactile feedback, vibration damping, and ergonomic contouring.

– Vibration damping
– More stick and feel under finer grip
– Can be “built up” and layered to create 3D deck features (concave, W, footstops, faux drops, etc.)
– Recommended for downhill/freeride and distance/commuting (feels great on carving boards, as well)

Length: 40″ / 100 cm
Width: 10″ / 25 cm
Thickness: 0.12″ / 3 mm

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