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Hans Wouters: KIDS LAUGHING AT PIDGEY?! | Longboard Dance x Freestyle DITL 21

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CRAZY longboard day in Antwerp, Belgium! Pidgey going down in front of a school group, smooth new lines, bigger and better tricks than ever, new wheels and goooooooowd freaking vibes. get my shoes |

Loaded Boards | Limitations and Opportunities of a Freeman

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Loaded Spanish Ambassador Miquel Moya has been having a busy winter! Enjoying the warmer weather of Barcelona, Miquel Moya takes every chance to skate as a new opportunity to express his creativity and skills o...

Sounds Like Fun // GoldCoast Skateboards

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This video is a celebration of the auditory awesomeness that happens when you go skateboarding. They are the sounds of anticipation, preparation, and of course, enjoyment! Because no matter what kind of skateboard you...

Ko Hyojoo x RITA x VOGUE Japan

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Rita Films and Vogue Japan for this beautiful, colourful and uber cool film starring the incredible Ko Hyojoo – a South Korean long-boarding sensation. More here.

Longboard Dance With Ko Hyojoo in Los Angeles – Hypebae

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Viral South Korean longboarder Ko Hyojoo takes us on an exclusive ride through Los Angeles. Read our interview here:

Loaded Boards | “Moultawa” Longboarding in Morocco by Yassine Boundouq

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Moroccan Loaded Ambassador Yassine Boundouq blends old traditions with new passions in his latest project "Moultawa" From Yassine Boundouq: In this video I wanted to explain the situation of Longboarding in Morocc...

Longboarding underground | MARIN NOBLET & MATHIS LUCAS

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Raw lines and tricks during a rainy saturday afternoon with the bros. This one is not the best video I did but I have some bigger projects coming in the following weeks. This was just a funny session. Then we ate so...

Hans Wouters BEST OF 2016 | Longboard Dance x Freestyle

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PURE SHREDDING! This montage features my biggest tricks, smoothest lines and overall most epic longboarding of 2016. I converted 85 longboard videos, made in one year, into this 7 minute adrenaline packed video. Hope ...

Brandon Desjarlais TRICK TIP: POP SHOVE IT

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Learn the pop shove it on your longboard today! Learning this trick is crucial in progressing into other more difficult tricks. The pop shove it is easy to land with 3 simple steps: nail the pop, stick the landing,...

Chasing Light | Jeff Corsi | Moonshine MFG

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Jeff Corsi team up with Atlas Média to bring you a one of a kind longboard dance / freestyle experience through a peaceful night in Paris, France. "Late at night in a deserted Paris start a dancing trip… » SET-U...

Wavves – Tarantula – Dance or Die

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longboardblues in malibu riders: Rayana Brélvis i Brenno Brélvis.

Campus Session – Nick Jones

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Skating my university's campus and stacking some clips!!

Laurent Perigault, le surfeur de l’asphalte

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Cette semaine, direction le sud de la France à la rencontre de Laurent Perigault, le surfeur de l'asphalte ! Cet expert du longboard nous a reçu chez lui pour nous faire découvrir sa passion et son quotidien. "Je n...

Loaded Trick Tips en Español | Bigger Flip con Marco Sandoval

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Marco Sandoval, embajador Tapatío, nos muestra sus como funcionan los "Bigger Flips" con su Loaded Tesseract. Setup: Loaded Tesseract, Gullwing Reverse Trucks, Orangatang Purple Skiffs We like you... Like us too...

LONGBOARD CHALLENGE | Most Tricks In 30 Seconds

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As much kickflips, Shovits, No-Comply's,... as possible in 30 seconds. This sounded like a fun challenge, and it definitely was! Watch me battle time with this fun challenge as well as trying new tricks and fooling ar...

Majutsu Longboard Best of the Team 2016

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Riders : Aboubakry Seck, Achel Machin, UZ Seok & Cécile Lahaie Boards : Majutsu Butò and Butò Odori

Aboubakry Seck – Longboard compilation 2016

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I started longboarding about two and a half years ago. Longboarding is a real passion for me. I like all the disciplines of longboard wether it is dancing, freestyle, freeride or downhill. All that I seek is a way ...

Loaded Trick TIps en Español | No Comply 360 con Marco Sandoval

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Loaded embajador Marco Sandoval nos enseña cómo hacer el 360 no-comply body varial! Setup: Loaded Boards Overland, Gullwing Truck Co., Orangatang Wheels Skiffs (83a) We like you... Like us too at: http://www.fa...

STAY STOKED | Longboard Dance x Freestyle | PIDGEY (Tiger Claw Double Flip!?!)

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Not only his first Tiger Claw Double Flip, but many other sick lines and combo's. Pidgey was just KILLIN' it so hard that I just had to make a separate video from it! Enjoy his next level handtrickery combined with sm...

Longboard escape롱보드 박상정 – park sang jeong

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park sang jeong

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