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Gurston Downhill Time Trial 20/03/16 | Newton’s Shred Longboard Shop

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Downhill skateboarding, street luge and gravity bikes returned to Gurston for the first time in 2016 Catch our full write up here: Thanks to VIAL Images for the video!

Catalina Island Classic 2016 – Brandon DesJarlais / Ryan Farmer

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This year's race had the welcome addition of a freeride day... Brandon DesJarlais and Ryan Farmer took full advantage and captured this super clean follow run. Full event coverage coming soon! Rider - Brandon DesJa...

Giants Head Freeride Group Run Landyachtz [360 Video]

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Jump in the pack and get a feeling for what it's like to bomb down one of the best hills in the world with some of the top riders in the world! Featuring - Laine Jackart,​ Dillon Stephens,​ Stephen Vaughn​, Troy Gr...

Kozakov Challenge Freeride Day –

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Pablo is having so much fun at thw kozakov event on the new dhboar and pro grips.

Izdebki Camp – Release the Kraken [Official Video]

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Aye Crew! Pirates diaries of Izdebki Camp 2016 just arrived! It's a good opportunity to refresh your memory troubled with crashes, moonshine and partying till morning to relive Izdbeki Camp atmosphere! Get rea...

Skate Invaders x Toronto Girls Longboarding // Fubu V Weekend 2016

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Toronto girls longboarding fubu was off the hook!! The fun police couldn't even break these ladies spirits!! Mad love to everyone who made this weekend extra special!! Film/Edit: Jonathan "Januss" Nuss Music: Ster...

Fede at Gioasteka 2016 with The Cult Emperor

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Culist Fede doing his thing with the Cult Emperor at the Gioasteka 2016 freeride. We love you Fede stay rad brother.

The Homies – Euro Tour 2016 – Clayton Arthurs

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Euro Tour was the sickest thing ever, so many homies from so many places. Footage was From Lilyhammer, Teolo, random hills and a small bit of Kozakov. Unfortunately the GoPro died in the first straight of Kozakov, and...

Skate[Slate] Ladies Salute

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Maryhill She Ride 2013 – Push Culture News

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Jenica Davenport went out the 2nd Annual Maryhill She-Ride. It's a weekend of downhill skating on legendary Maryhill Loops

Zak Maytum Maryhill Raw Run

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MuirSkate Maryhill 2012 Commercial/Time Slot

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We're stoked to be supporting the Maryhill Festival of Speed for 2012!Scott, Seth and Alan went out to a

2014 Britannia Classic presented by Hawgs Wheels

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This years Britannia Classic gave us a mix of fast intense riding on a beautiful sunny day and slippery racing

ACME DH presented by Original – Push Culture News

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ACME DH presented by Original Skateboards Port Jervis, NYAug. 29-31Film/Edit: Matt Frazer (<br

Skate Invaders: George Town Hairpins Raw Running Run 2010 Flashback

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Onterrible at it's best. Wiggling and diggling. cheat to win. Final Heat: 1. Yung Eric Jensen 2. Adam Winston 3. John Barnet 4. Emmanuelle Catanyag Mc Lovin on the M.I.C. Film: A fat Jonathan Nuss (runner...

Wallonhill 2015 Summer Edition – Flatland Productions

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A great edition of wallonhill 2015! Dry all weekend, great runs with awesome people! Thanks to the great organization!

Raw Run with Nick Hurley | Machado Classic 2015 | Skate the States | MuirSkate Longboard Shop

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Watch Landyachtz team rider Nick Hurley take a run down the Machado Classic in beautiful Oklahoma. Don't forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for giveaways, updates, and event information. ...

Sanctum – Colorado in Catalina

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Colorado goes out to the Catalina Island Classic 2015. Good times with good friends - racing, parties, tacos and homies for an island weekend. Riders: Tony Luchetta, Aaron Hampshire, Daina Banks, Kyle Wester, Richa...

KNK 2015 – Rendra Mahendra

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KNK 2015 Part. 1 special thanks to the wonderfull bands from cologne who supported the project by contributing their songs! (in order of appearance) Witness https://www...

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