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Loaded Boards | Raw in Malibu with Dandoy Tongco

7.36K Views3 Comments

Dandoy Tongco joined the Loaded Boards team when he was 14 and since then has been inspiring longboarders from all over the world with his smooth riding skills. We are happy to say that after years of hard work, Dando...

William Royce – Raw Run – SkateSlate.TV

2.42K Views1 Comments

William Royce travels the world shredding and sent us this raw run from from when he was in Medellin, Columbia. If you haven't checked out

Anaconda Raw Run – Angel Diaz

2.10K Views1 Comments

After a little warm up when filming in Tenerife Angel Diaz​ decided to take a full run down at the anaconda. He straight up killed it! We've got some more footage coming your way. Film: Miguel Palau

Zakk Hall ll Pair of Dice

1.73K Views1 Comments

High speed hardwheelin down a Florida favorite Setup: Thruster, 95a Slide A's, Valkyrie Voxter Trucks, THUG PUCKS Song: Amoeba by Adolescents Waffles or Die

Tenerife Raw Run – Robbe Van Haverbeke – Alternate Skate

1.04K Views1 Comments

After some chill runs on the spot we thought it was the perfect time to film a decent raw run of Robbe. He killed his legs and tucked the whole thing. Song: Gramatik - Just Jammin

Max Capps Raw Run – Skate[Slate].TV

1.26K Views1 Comments

Max Capps is back in California, but before the Condor made his way back west he took a rip to NC and hammered out a speedy raw run with Matthew Deitch. Max is sponsored by Sector 9, Ronin Trucks, Chop Lord and Rad...

Noah Fischer – RAW – VCDHMedia

1.10K Views1 Comments

Quick raw run of Noah down a neighborhood in VC. Film/edit: Kyle Peterson

TBO – David Bubier – Mr. T

979 Views1 Comments

David has a blast raging down Mr. T, and he decides that the surf is good. Athlete - David Bubier Pilot- Mathew McKeon Music- Chance the rapper/ SZA

Rainy Classic Raw Run – Britannia Classic

2.66K Views1 Comments

Marcel Robert recorded a Raw Run at Britannia Classic Day 2. The Bridge is wet... lots of rad riders Sean Young filming James Ware Brian Choi Aidan Lynds and more

PerroPro x Mauritz Armfelt = Crazy Skateboarding at 50mph in UNDERWEAR!!!

1.32K Views1 Comments

Maurice Armfelt x PerroPro Downhill skateboarder going fast in underwear Subscribe:

Mike “Mayhem” Mayhew Raw Run 1 – Arsenal Trucks

1.73K Views1 Comments

Mike Mayhew takes a raw run with Bently Anderson from Entitlement Urethane on the followcam. Mike is on Entitlement Urethane, Tahoe Boards, and Arsenal Trucks. Song: The Living End - Prisoner of Society

Will Royce Raw Run – Malibu and Five-O’s All Day

695 Views0 Comments

Live vicariously through Will Royce down a fishy Malibu run with the Royce Pro deck and Five-O wheels. Thanks

Skate[Slate].TV – Bad Decisions Alex Best of: June 2015

1.32K Views0 Comments

Alex Ameen, AKA Bad Decisions Alex, is crushing more banger footage than he is miles on the road and is bringing you the best highlights from his adventures filming riders getting raw. Skate[Slate].TV in associatio...

Wobbling with Wells – OHEF TV

814 Views0 Comments

Longboarding is a beautiful thing. Sometimes everything goes just the right way, and sometimes it don't. But every once and a while you have everything go wrong, but are still able to overcome the odds and manage to s...

Mellow run – Jaqusang

652 Views0 Comments

Mellow run down the lakeside. Rider : Jaqusang Location :천태호

Riley Harris – 2015 Crash Reel

1.12K Views0 Comments

It's finally here! I raced my way across North America and more than a few times myself or my friends fell. Witness the carnage and don't bash the hustle. WATCH IN HD. #rileyreels #landyachtz #beartrucks #hawgsw...

Mt Ruapehu Downhill – Raw Run – Elliot Melling

929 Views0 Comments

Elliot Melling - Went skating down Mt Ruapehu (a.k.a Mt Rapeyou) for the first time with a few mates over new years. Looking forward to racing here in Feb for IDF.

Rainy Day Blues with Dylan Whittier – Cadillac Wheels

736 Views0 Comments

Take a ride down one of Dylan Whittier's local runs the first day out with his new DSLR, rain can't stop the stoked! Dylan is riding Cadillac 75mm Hot Pursuits, 43/35 Rogue Trucks, Madrid Skateboards Kraken Formica, a...

MacPass with Rob McWhinnie – Max Vickers

811 Views0 Comments

Following my good mate Rob McWhinnie as he skates down the infamous MacPass in straya! Film: Max Vickers Music: All Day - Girl Talk Rob rides for Basement Skate, Fibretec Boards,...

Long Island Boards | Raw Run Lamin Cassama

1.23K Views0 Comments

Our boy Lamin Cassama goes dumb for this raw run while visiting in Spain.

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