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Freestyle, Dancing & Drones – Skate[Slate] Japan

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While Lotfi Lamaali and Adam Colton visited Japan on the Loaded Asian Tour, Skate[Slate] Japan editor Dan Pape and friend Brad Bennett took them to a secret location to play skateboards with some of the drones from To...

Game Of L.O.N.G.B.O.A.R.D. | ULTIMATE GAME OF SKATE?! Hans vs. Yoth

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BIG tricks in this super exciting Game Of LONGBOARD. We never did this before and trust me... It is crazy haha. The best way to end the awesome day you already saw in DITL 14. Thanks a lot for all the good feedback an...

GAME OF S.K.A.T.E. – Nick Jones

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Game of S.K.A.T.E. vs. Mason! Sponsored by Somete Longboards

GAME OF SKATE : Marin Noblet VS Mathis Lucas

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A session in the neighborhood under the sun of a sweet afternoon. Marin Noblet vs Mathis Lucas : GAME OF SKATE ! who is going to win ..? Simplelongboards Cosmolongboards co Paristrucksco Sweetspot wheels WastedParis

Get In The Van 2 – Landyachtz

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2017 marks the 20th year of Landyachtz. To celebrate we created a video that embraces all of the styles of skateboarding we love. Editing: Dave Leslie Filming: Dave Leslie Dan Norberg Additional Filming: ...

GIANT BOX JENGA?! | LoadedTV LiveStream #2

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The workload has been heavy lately. With Monday bringing a new week, we feel it is important to start work on a fun note. Thanks to the ingenious minds of our warehouse team, Giant Box Jenga came to life and died in a...

Gold Coast Skateboards // Skateboarding Sounds Like Fun 4K

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GoldCoast Skateboards presents a celebration of the auditory awesomeness that happens when you're out shredding. Whether it's longboarding or skateboarding, no matter what you ride the ultimate goal is to have fun. Co...

Golden Hours Longboarding – Marin Noblet

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A few weeks ago I visited my family in southern France, so my brother took the camera to shoot some clips around the corner. Not a high quality video but I hope you'll like it. Simplelongboards Paristruckco was...

Good boards – DockSession – Grosse Rando ‘Paris 2015 – Session # 8

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C'était l'évènement le plus attendu de l'année pour les amoureux du Longboard! Pour sa 2ème édition, la DockSession a organisée l'une des plus grandes rando' d'Europe! C'est plus de 1000 participants qui se sont élan...

Great Big Story: Longboard Dancing With South Korea’s Skating Sensation Hyojoo Ko

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Hyojoo Ko makes spinning and flipping her longboard as she cruises along the boulevard look as seamless and easy as it is mesmerizing. Navigating the flat streets of Seoul on her board, she’s added a unique flare to a...

Gullwing Truck Co. | Duane Peters

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Gullwing Truck Co. | Duane Peters

Guto Lamera – Style and Flow (JET/ABEC 11/Liquid)

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Guto Lamera is known for shredding a longboard. He skates a 44” deck better than most people ride a deck that’s a full foot shorter. And skates it with Style and Flow. Guto will tell you, “I’m a longboarder.” There...

Hackbrett Wasser 5.0 Product Video

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Einzigartige Performance für ein Brett in dieser Länge! Das Wasser bietet eine unglaubliche Portion Soulriding. Wir meinen mit dem Wasser eine ganz eigene Kategorie Brett geschaffen zu haben. In der inzwischen fünf...

Hamburg Longboard Open – Best Trick Contest compilation | Dodoboards

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A compilation of some of the tricks from the Hamburg Longboard Open.

Hamburg Longboard Open 2016 Timur & Kate Trip

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Podium Dance/Freestyle Men: 1.Sebastian Eberlein (Dasilva Boards) 2. Gabriel de la Tour (Timber Boards) 3. Hans Wouters (Crownboards, Caliber Truck Co., Blood Orange, Manaliso) Podium Dance/Freestyle Women: 1. ...

Hans Wouters – Hamburg longboard Open 2016 | Team Crown Boards

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The Hamburg Longboard Open was just sick... Whole Team Crownboards killing it and super good vibes. Days like these keep amazing me and inspiring me to go out and shred. Hope you enjoyed this video of my experience in...

Hans Wouters | INDIVIDUALITY MATTERS. | Longboard Dance x Freestyle

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This is longboard short film I made in collaboration with Undone Watches. “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” - Emerson, R.W. CHECK O...

Hans Wouters | ROAD TO SYCLD 2016 | Longboard Dancing World Cup

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"So... You Can Longboard Dance" is the World Cup of Longboard Dance and Freestyle, and overall the best weekend of all year. Been looking forward to it all year and now it was finally there. Join us in our travel to E...

Hans Wouters BEST OF 2016 | Longboard Dance x Freestyle

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PURE SHREDDING! This montage features my biggest tricks, smoothest lines and overall most epic longboarding of 2016. I converted 85 longboard videos, made in one year, into this 7 minute adrenaline packed video. Hope ...

Hans Wouters UNCUT | February 2017

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In this series, I'm sharing the raw, uncut and unedited footage of the past month. Longboard dance and freestyle in it's purest form. To see my progression, share the skating without the distraction of the editing and...

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