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Kebbek Skateboards 25th Anniversary Opalescence Series *LIMITED EDITION*

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The colour shifting 25th anniversary series represents the change in all of us. The change we have been through in our 25 years of reimagining skateboarding, the change you have been through as skateboarding has undou...

Braille Skateboarding: TARGET BOARD HACKS!

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Today we bought a skateboard from Target and slowly replaced the bearings, wheels, grip tape, and trucks to give you an idea of how each piece of equipment effects your board and skating and why you shouldn't spend $2...

Loaded Boards Trick Tips en Español | Old School Flips con Daniel Sam

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A Loaded embajador Daniel Sam le encanta hacer sus flips con el estilo "old school," y quiere que los aprendáis, también! Setup: Loaded Bhangra (flex 2), Paris 180mm (50°), Orangatang Kilmers (80a) We like you.....

Madrid Skateboards 2017 Pro Series Zak Maytum Anvil

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Madrid has been dropping more and more hype around the new 2017 Pro Series Line Up and the Hype is real! Don't miss Zak Maytum in Malibu featuring the new Pro Series Anvil. The deep concave and rocker on the Anvil ...

Pantheon Trip Board Review ft. Dylan Smith

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The Trip is the board everybody should have in their quiver. Pantheon designed this board as a healthy alternative to the plethora of tiny cheap tiny Penny-killers out there that are too small to ride comfortably. Hey...

The Blackhill Project Trailer

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Back in the 1970s there was a magical location in North San Diego County known as La Costa and the Blackhill. It was the mecca of skateboarding and its evolution that provided a place to practice, test products, and r...

History of the Smoothcut: A drop through story, with Raphael Crafty Therrien – Kebbek Skateboards

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We have been making the SmoothCut for longer than many of you have been on this earth. Tune in with Crafty to hear how the SmoothCut became the 1st CNC made drop through, and how it changed the game.

Loaded Trick TIps en Español | 50 50 con Marco Sandoval

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El "50-50 grind" es un truco muy divertido. Nuestro embajador tapatío Marco Sandoval nos muestra como hacerlo en su Tesseract. Setup: Loaded Tesseract, Gullwing Reverse Trucks, Orangatang Purple Skiffs We like y...

Loaded Trick Tips en Español | El Frontside Predrift con Fer Vega

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Nuestro multifacético Loaded Embajador Mexicano, Fernando Vega, nos enseña uno de los trucos más básicos y necesarios para controlar tu velocidad al bajar cuestas: El Frontside Predrift! Setup: Loaded Cantellated T...

DJI – Introducing the Inspire 2

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The DJI Inspire 2 is the next evolution of professional aerial cinematography. New cameras, sensors, and intelligent features make the Inspire 2 the definitive aerial cinematography solution. Always follow applicab...

Behind the Scenes of “One With Gravity”

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Go behind the scenes of One With Gravity to see how the DJI Crew shot this adrenaline packed short movie. Learn about the challenges the Riders and the Crew faced and how the DJI Products including the Inspire 2, the ...

Loaded Boards Trick Tip en Español | Ollie North con Camilo Cespedes

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Nuestro embajador colombiano Camilo Cespedes nos muestra uno de sus trucos predilectos, Ollie Norths Setup: Loaded Overland, Aera Trucks, Orangatang Purple Skiffs We like you... Like us too at: http://www.faceb...

Brandon Desjarlais TRICK TIP: POP SHOVE IT

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Learn the pop shove it on your longboard today! Learning this trick is crucial in progressing into other more difficult tricks. The pop shove it is easy to land with 3 simple steps: nail the pop, stick the landing,...

Loaded Trick Tips en Español | Bigger Flip con Marco Sandoval

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Marco Sandoval, embajador Tapatío, nos muestra sus como funcionan los "Bigger Flips" con su Loaded Tesseract. Setup: Loaded Tesseract, Gullwing Reverse Trucks, Orangatang Purple Skiffs We like you... Like us too...

Bastl Boards Kizomba with Tobias Seiffert

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Tobi gives you a small review about the new Bastl Boards Kizomba from the Dashuber Collection. Enjoy our short longboard movie filmed inside our Shredderei in Leipzig. Specs: Lenght: 89.5 cm – 35.2 inch Wide: 23....

Loaded Trick TIps en Español | No Comply 360 con Marco Sandoval

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Loaded embajador Marco Sandoval nos enseña cómo hacer el 360 no-comply body varial! Setup: Loaded Boards Overland, Gullwing Truck Co., Orangatang Wheels Skiffs (83a) We like you... Like us too at: http://www.fa...

LONGBOARD TRICK TIP: One Foot No-Comply Shuvit

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The No-Comply 180 shove it with a one foot landing is a super fun longboard trick once you nail it. All you need is a board with kicks and a bit of practice. It helps to know a no-comply 180 and regular no-comply f...

Brandon Desjarlais Vlogs: The 4 Most Interesting People at AGENDA 2016

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The Agenda show 2016 in Long Beach, CA was a great time. I had the chance to catch up with many rad people including: Buddy Carr, Les Robertson, Zak Maytum, and Aaron Gomez. Buddy has been involved in skating and l...

Brandon Desjarlais Vlogs: Rubber Longboard Wheels? Longbeach Agenda Show 2017

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First day at the Agenda show in Long Beach was awesome. Got to see some old buddies, hang out with Brad Miller of RipTide, and talk the pros and cons of rubber longboard wheels with Chris Chaput of Abec 11. Agenda ...

Byron Essert Pro Model Board Review ft. Kenny Napp

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Shop Byron Essert Pro Model: The Byron Essert model has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate all-around downhill and freeride board. Built from Powell-Peralta’s proprietary cons...

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