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LIVE STREAM NEXT MONDAY ON LOADED BOARDS FACEBOOK! NEW LOADEDTV EPISODES EVERY OTHER MONDAY!!! This weeks episode features important things to know when traveling with your skatebo...

Loaded Challenge Series 2016 | Challenge 3

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Welcome to Week 3 of the Loaded Challenge Series 2016. Adam Colton presents Challenge 3: manual, bounce to nose manual, nollie shuvit out. Complete at least 7 of the 10 challenges by July 18th and you will save up...

Bear Precision Grizzly Trucks

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After 2 years of development, the highly anticipated Bear Precision Grizzly Trucks are now available. These trucks are

Loaded Challenge Series 2016

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Welcome to the Loaded Challenge Series 2016! Learn more – Complete at least 7 of the 10 challenges by July 18th and you will save up to 50% on any Loaded or Orangatang pr...

Cloud Ride Wheels: 69mm Cruisers with David Bubier

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Follow David Bubier as he sets out to core a set of the 69mm 78a Cloud Ride Cruiser Wheels, keeping you up-to-date with his thoughts along the way! Stay tuned through the end for full value on this one. Video: Zack...

Loaded Challenge Series 2016 | Challenge 8

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Welcome to Week 8 of the Loaded Challenge Series 2016. Lotfi Lamaali presents Challenge 8: cross-step, shadow foot plant land cross-step, aero grab. Complete at least 7 of the 10 challenges by July 18th and you wi...

Loaded Challenge Series 2016 | Challenge 9

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Welcome to Week 9 of the Loaded Challenge Series 2016. Adam Stokowski presents Challenge 9: the slap kickflip. Complete at least 7 of the 10 challenges by July 18th and you will save up to 50% on any Loaded Boards...

Braille Skateboarding: TARGET BOARD HACKS!

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Today we bought a skateboard from Target and slowly replaced the bearings, wheels, grip tape, and trucks to give you an idea of how each piece of equipment effects your board and skating and why you shouldn't spend $2...

Day Jobs – Max Capps: Chop Lord – Skate[Slate] Magazine

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Back in Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 24 we featured Max Capps, Chop Lord and his DIY creativity with boards. Max lives his life fully in skateboarding, hustling between being a sponsored rider and chopping decks, tryin...

Test Ride Powell Peralta Snakes Wheels | MuirSkate Longboard Shop

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MuirSkate is back at it again with the Test Rides! In this episode watch as Scott and Joe slip and slide with Powell Peralta's newest freeride wheel, The 69mm Snakes. Slither on over to and get a set ...

Test Ride Sector 9 Matt Kienzle Pro Wheels with Locals | MuirSkate Longboard Shop

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In celebration of the release of Matt K's new Pro Model wheel, we brought 10 sets to blacks for a quick Test Ride with Matt and the locals! Everyone went home with a free set of wheels and a smile from ear to ear. Tha...

Kebbek Skateboards: How To Install Board Rails with Jordan Wells

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If you have ever installed board rails, you know there are some serious do's and don'ts. Jordan "Dig deep" wells describes the various way to set them up and why, with tips to do it right. Learn how Christian Hosoi an...

Kebbek Skateboards 25th Anniversary Opalescence Series *LIMITED EDITION*

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The colour shifting 25th anniversary series represents the change in all of us. The change we have been through in our 25 years of reimagining skateboarding, the change you have been through as skateboarding has undou...

Remember Pee Wee Review- Moe Wallace

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Remember the Hoots? Now you can Remember the Pee-Wees too!!! (lolololololol)All jokes aside, Moe Wallace came through to

Setup Saturdays – Tommy Watson Round 2

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Sundae Skates, and Nimbus trucks cofounder Tommy Watson got back to us with his updated race board. Check it out.

2013 Ben Dubreuil

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A glimpse at the sexy curves of the Ben Dub.

Remember Savannah Slamma Review-Jackson Wells

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Jackson, with his filming and editing compadre Mr. Galus, set out to review some new Remember Savannah Slammas and this

How To: One-Footed Manuals with John Slugg – OHEF TV

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John Slugg is a master of disaster when it comes to slicing and dicing the flatest of areas. John is a skater who loves to skate anything in front of him, and today he is showing you one of his favorite ways to stylis...

How To: Ronin Trucks with Fred Baumann and Team | MuirSkate Longboard Shop

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Curious about Ronin Trucks? What's that support pin all about? Fred Baumann, owner and founder of Ronin Trucks, is here with his team to answer all of your questions and concerns in this Episode of the "How To Seri...

Flatspot Product Review: Venom Harlot Wheels

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Sassy not classy, the Venom Skate​ Harlot only knows how to be a freak in the streets. Turn these beauties out and get your moneys worth while they work thane town to the core. Find the Venom Harlots ready roll her...

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