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Chromatic: A Slow Motion Short (Jordan Hoffart, Aldrin Garcia, Josh Hawkins)

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We actually filmed this video over a year ago in LA with Powell-Peralta and crew. We featured Pro/Am skateboars Jordan Hoffart, Aldrin Garcia, and Josh Hawkins up in this mix. They are all super talented and it was im...

Setup Saturdays – Casey Morrow

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Casey Morrow doesn't always use bushings, but when he does, they're Venom.

Riviera Skateboards: Cody Hager – WRECK’D

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Cody Hager and some of his friends rip it up on a very unique obstacle! This 'breaking wave' was

Divine Wheel Co – Ditches be Crazy.

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The Divine Wheels team found itself weaving dreams in the "Land of Enchantment", New Mexico ! After watching this fun

Gullwing Truck Co. | Road to San Francisco

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Gullwing Truck Co. was just on the road to Chili Bowl 9 & made a few stops along the way.

Gullwing Truck Co. | Behind The Ad | Shaun Ross

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Shaun Ross flew to Japan with the Bassturd Crew and nailed the shot for his recent Gullwing ad featured in

Gullwing Truck Co. – “That One Was Way Better”

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Shaun Ross, Jeremy Peckham, Raymond Diaz, Connor Getzlaff, Elijah Anderson, & Andrew Mercado mission to Arizona & find nothing but

Daniel Cuervo | Madrid Skateboards

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Daniel Cuervo is the first pro skateboarder from the Dominican Republic. He shreds any and all transition and lives the

Skate and Explore – Landyachtz

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Filling the van with a rad crew and traveling to somewhere you've never been. Doesn't get much better.Music:<br

Muir Team Rider Edit – Daniel Couch

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MuirSkate Team Rider Daniel Couch is known for big early grabs, lots of spins, and representing Five Mile Decks &

Shredding North-Landyachtz

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Spring time is here, and it's time to start planning your road trips! Check out this video of Kyle Wein,

Comet Skateboards // California Winter Sessions

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Comet Skateboards presents California Winter Sessions. The Comet team has been putting the Manifest and Metric Bomb to great use

Slip ‘N’ Slide Warehouse Sesh!

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Hey everyone, These are some of our staff members messing around on a rainy day after all the

Skate Till You’re Dead

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The first half of the summer skating around the city with the team and friends.

Black Sheep Hooligans

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The boys are proud to be black sheep.Guest appearances by local kids Alex Hall and Max Gnar.<br

Yoni Ettinger and his 41′

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Pulling a foot plant 360 sal flip at L.E.S.

False Teeth

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Mac has a mini ramp at his school. He's also in a band called Big Neck Police. Check them out

Balaram Stacks and Sticks It

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What to do in between heats in Australia??? Well if you are Balaram Stack you go and boardslide a 9

Ed’s Birthday in the Deep End

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Battled the deep end for a layback grind on his 21st birthday.

9 Tricks: Alexis Rivera

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Alexis Rivera, the 2012 Puerto Rico Patinetero of the Year, gives us a peak into his deep bag of tricks.

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