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Bustin Boards – Skating Everything and Creating Art Since 2001

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We are stoked on this little edit created as our 30-second commercial for this year's Maryhill Festival of Speed coverage.

Apex 37 DiamondDrop Ride Review with Axel Serrat

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Original Skateboards rider, Axel Serrat, cranks up reviews of the Apex 37 DiamondDrop by commenting on the board as he

9 Tricks: Alexis Rivera

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Alexis Rivera, the 2012 Puerto Rico Patinetero of the Year, gives us a peak into his deep bag of tricks.

Jake Selover – Welcome to the Tactics Snow & Skate Teams

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When we first met Jake Selover, he was stomping big time tricks at Tactic's inaugural Northwest Jam. We were

Landyachtz – Welcome to The Team : Steven Vera

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We are pleased to announce that Steven Vera is the latest addition to the Landyachtz team! This guy has been skating the streets of New York for years, and we are stoked to have some east coast flair on the crew. Sit ...

Arbor Whiskey Project :: Bread Bowl Session

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On a recent trip down south the Whiskey Project stopped by the main headquarters of Sector 9 and hit the Legendary Bread Bowl. The Bread Bowl has everything to offer when it comes to a solid skate session. Perfect cop...

Gullwing Truck Co. | Damian & Yarb

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Escaping Florida's summer humidity is not the reason Damian Lynch and Brandon Yarborough came to California. They didn't come for

Longboard Ric

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The Legend of Longboard Ric. At 49 years old, dude practically invented the, 'Rock it till the wheels fall off'

Broadway Bomb 2014 | MuirSkate Longboard Shop

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The Broadway Bomb is always a great time! Taking over the streets, running from cops, and skateboarding, whats not

Caliber Truck Co. Product Highlight – The New Standard Street Truck

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With over a year of product testing, Caliber has developed a traditional kingpin truck that meets all of your skateboarding

Loaded Boards | GuadaYaMean

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Squad goals like you've never seen before!!! Mind maddening tricksters Marco Sandoval, Yahzper Maldonado, Camilo Cespedes and Gerardo Moreno get down on their Loaded Overlands and Tesseracts in the populated street...

Dusters California Fall 2016 | San Francisco

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Dusters crew headed to the bay city of San Francisco, CA to test out our new 2016 fall line of cruisers and longboards. Featuring the Dusters Voyage, Grind and the Urso, this season we introduce a variety of new shape...

Cadillac 65mm/78A Sugar Mamas

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Poured in the same blue THC slide urethane as the 78A Swingers, the 78A Sugar Mamas pack the smoothest freeride

Brett Ciabattini and The City by the Bay

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Mixed weather means you've gotta mix up the spots. Brett hits up a couple Bay Area skateparks as he chases

Gullwing Truck Co. | Post-Rumble Meltdown

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"After the Rumble in Ramona the remaining Gullwing boys left in town reassembled for a backyard vert session. Featuring Adam "Scissors" Effertz, Ben Johnson, Alan Young, Pedro Delfino and Mike Conroy shutting the sess...

Caliber Truck Co. Presents – Jared Huss

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Some people might look at skateboarding as a way to cruise around town and maybe learn some cool tricks along the way. Other people might take it more seriously. Wether its by learning and progressing faster or lookin...

Root Skateboards | Welcome Tom – Luca Schröder

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a warm welcome to our local ripper Tom - Luca "Tommy" Schröder. edit by Tobi Trautmann

Longer Daze – Jesse Whalen and the Yoface 32″

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Jesse Whalen breaks down traditional boundaries by taking his classic flat ground Freestyle skating to the Bustin YoFace 32" with

Arbor Whiskey Project :: Whiskey on the Rockies

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The best thing about skateboarding is traveling to new destinations you've never seen or skated before. It’s almost the same

Skate and Explore – Landyachtz

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Filling the van with a rad crew and traveling to somewhere you've never been. Doesn't get much better.Music:<br

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