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Apex 37 DiamondDrop Ride Review with Axel Serrat

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Original Skateboards rider, Axel Serrat, cranks up reviews of the Apex 37 DiamondDrop by commenting on the board as he

Apex 40 DiamondDrop Ride Review with Axel Serrat

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Original Skateboards rider Axel Serrat cranks up reviews of the Apex 40 DiamondDrop by commenting on the board as he

Arbiter KT + Axel Serrat in the Canary Islands

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Doin' it up in style. Say hello to the Canary Islands, Arbiter KT, and Original Skateboards Team Rider, Axel Serrat. See the board: http://originalskateboards.com/longbo... Rider: Axel Serrat Film/Edit: Alex Ameen

Arbiter KT +Axel Serrat in the Canary Islands Pt. 2

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Original Skateboards Team Rider, Axel Serrat, heads to the Canary Islands to hit up everything in his path with the Arbiter KT in pt 2 of his travels. See the KT: http://www.originalskateboards.com/lo... Watch part...

Arbiter KT Longboarding with Axel Serrat

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12 noon: The New Arbiter Kicktail arrives on team rider Axel's front door. 12:30PM: He's out the door doing

Arbor Skateboards :: 2017 Crosscut Series

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The Crosscut Series is a gathering of hybrid shapes with a longer wheelbase, designed for mixed street riding, and tricks at speed. Featuring the Artwork of Oliver Hibert, and layup comprised of a mix of hand-dyed col...

Arbor Skateboards :: Welcome To Arbor – Ali Nas

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Adding the list of Welcome releases, we're stoked to announce that Arbor Skateboards has paired up with Ali Nas, rounding out their global talent along with previously announced Axel Serrat from Spain and Tyler Gillin...

Arbor Skateboards :: Welcome to Arbor – Axel Serrat

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We're stoked to announce Axel Serrat has joined up with Arbor Skateboards and can't wait for what's to come! Axel is one of our favourite skaters. Always stoked, creative as all hell, talented like we can't believe an...

Arbor Sucrose Initiative :: Welcome Axel Serrat

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The Sucrose Initiative is stoked to have Axel Serrat rolling on our wheels. Check out Axel as he realizes the effects that skating Sucrose wheels has on the brain. We may need to have an intervention as Axel Serrat is...

Axel in Barcelona on the Apex 40 DiamondDrop

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Original Pro Rider, Axel Serrat, takes on the city streets, long downhills, and beautiful backdrops of his home town, Barcelona,

Axel Serrat + the Arbiter 36 in the Pyrenees.

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The Arbiter 36 by Original Skateboards shines in the Pyrenees, the perfect spot for freeride and fast runs. See the

Axel Serrat Boi Taull Freeride Raw Run w/ the Arbiter 36

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Fun, Friends, + Freeride. All in a day's work for Original Team Rider, Axel Serrat as he grabs his www.originalskateboards.com Arbiter 36 and heads to the Pyrenees for the first Boi Taull Freeride. See the board: http...

Axel Serrat in Barcelona with the Arbiter DK

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Original Skateboards Team Rider, Axel Serrat, takes the Arbiter DK out in Barcelona. See the board: http://originalskateboards.com/longboards/arbiter-36-dk-longboard-skateboard

Axel Serrat in Litoral Sierras

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skate skate skate See the board: http://originalskateboards.com/longbo...

Axel Serrat on the Arbiter DK by Original Skateboards

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The Arbiter DK longboard skateboard is a multipurpose machine built to annihilate all in its path. The DK enjoys big

Bad Decisions Alex Best of: April 2016 – Skate[Slate].TV

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Bad Decisions is back with more of the best thanks to Alex Ameen. Peep the April cut and we'll be back with May in a few days. Featuring: Axel Serrat, Pablo Quiles, Will Royce, Juan Pablo Villegas. Skate[Slate]....

Bad Decisions Alex Best of: February 2016 – Skate[Slate].TV

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Not for kids or the faint of hear, Alex Ameen continues to make Bad Decisions and bring the fire. Peep the Best Of February. *Skateboarding is fun and dangerous. We do not recommend you film with Alex Ameen or you ...

Bad Decisions Alex Best of: November 2015 – Skate[Slate].TV

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Catching up with the Best of Alex Bad Decisions Ameen, we're stoked to bring you the Best of November from around the world. Skate[Slate].TV in association with S1 Helmets and Valhalla Skateboards present - Bad Dec...

Barcelona Longboarding pt.2

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By popular demand, a second look at longboarding in Barcelona. Watch Part One: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPwZjOzUIyM<br

Barcelona with Axel and the Apex 34

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One more time. Original Skateboards Pro rider Axel Serrat enjoys his home city Barcelona, his way, this time experimenting

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