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Comet Skateboards x NCDH // Adam Westfall in Appalachia

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Comet Skateboards presents another collaboration video with North Carolina DownHill, featuring Adam Westfall on a chunder rip. Coming back strong from a broken collarbone, Adam spent a few months dialing his lines in ...

NCDH x Comet Skateboards // Freddy Ortega

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Comet Skateboards presents Freddy Ortega. We are happy to help support Freddy who has been killing it on the east coast for a good while now. The dudes over at North Carolina downhill put together this awesome video o...

Recover Brands: Skating the Upcycle With Comet Skateboards

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For anyone who has seen him ride a skateboard, Garrett Gourley, takes it to whole new level. Out of Boone, NC, Garrett is a big part of the growing NCDH scene. In this visual, he stepped onto a smaller sized board, th...

Comet Skateboards x NCDH // Garrett Gourley

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Comet Skateboards and North Carolina Downhill present Garrett Gourley. Garrett has the great ability to make everything seem much more easy than it is. Come take a ride with Garrett down some beautiful terrain deep in...

Comet Skateboards // Eric Jensen // LOSTCLIPS

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Comet Skateboards presents old lost but found clips of Jensen on his EJ33. FILMED BY Alex Ameen Jackson Hilts Matthew Livingston EDITED BY Eric Jensen MUSIC ♫ elevator music CONNECT WITH COMET http:/...

Ithaca Skate Jam 2016 – Tribe Supply Company

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We traveled to Ithaca, New York to participate in Comet Skateboard's 5th annual Ithaca Skate Jam! Here's our video recap of that event. Special thanks to Bustin Boards for making it all happen!

Comet Skateboards x JSM // Jared Henry in San Francisco

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Comet Skateboards x JSM Skateboarding present Jared Henry in San Francisco. Jared and JSM teamed up to crush the city for a couple days and this is what they captured. Jared is skating the Manifest V2 with Volante Min...

Comet Skateboards x Skate Invaders Ithaca Skate Jam 2016

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Comet Skateboards presents: Ithaca Skate Jam 2016 We are proud to present the official video for the 2016 Ithaca Skate Jam. Check out our event report and photos here on Skate[Slate].com: http://www.skateslate.c...

Ithaca Slide Jam 2016 – DFS Productions

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This is our media coverage of the Ithaca Slide Jam hosted by Comet Skateboards. This was a great event and we are glad to say this was are 4th year covering it. https://www.facebook.com/DFSlongboard...

Comet Skateboards x NCDH // Adam Westfall on Crunchberries

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Adam Westfall shows us what he is made of while skating a newly found road in NCDH territory. Crunchberries is a road you only head to if your ready to get gnarly, which Adam always is and the crew at NCDH was down to...

TBO – Garrett Gourley

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Garrett is one of those rare skaters that has a way with hills that is almost wizard like... See for yourself as he skates down this majestic road.

Skate Invaders // The Good Canadian feat Eric Jensen

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It was the hottest day Toronto had to offer and Skate Invaders friend Eric Jensen was down to stack clips in the deadly heat. Local spot lurks made for some bizarre street interaction. Join Eric Jensen through the Tor...

Skate Invaders x Comet Skateboards – The Future feat Tim Smith

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“Errybody is always talking about Tim Smith killing it but he does the exact opposite of that. Watch this video of Tim Smith making love to his skateboard, to ensure that the future is bright” - David Jackson Read...

Comet Skateboards // Slaughter House

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Comet Skateboards presents Will Seal and Adam Westfall making their way down the Slaughter House. This road earned its name because entering the Chicane at over 60mph is a risky decision. Adam and Will have no problem...

Skate Invaders x Escarpment Surfers // The Toronto Board Meeting 2015 // Raw Lines and Clips

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We had a film crew growing around making a high end doc for this years board meeting. We also had the gopro out and about so we made a little fun edit for this who like ghetto clips. Thank you to everyone who made the...

Comet Skateboards // Tim Smith on the Ethos ‘BP’ 34

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Comet Skateboards is proud to present Tim Smith skating the newest size of the Ethos 34. Tim Smith is one of the newest to be joining up on the Comet Team. Hailing from small town Ontario Tim Smith embodies the ska...

Comet Skateboards // Will Seal in North Carolina

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Comet Skateboards presents Will Seal tearing up a beautiful road somewhere in the woods of North Carolina. NC has some of the best roads that anyone has found to skate so far and the locals like Will and the NCDH crew...

Comet Skateboards // Eric Jensen 33″ Raw

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Here is Jensen skating his new pro model skateboard the EJ33. Jensen proves to us all that you can still go fast and surf the chunder even if your wheelbase is only 15.75" inches. Filmed in Vancouver as a part of Jens...

Comet Skateboards – Ethos 38 with Eric Jensen

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Jensen has always had a unique style whether its on a hill or in a park. Come along for a ride down some winding SoCal streets with Jensen skating on an Ethos 38. We got more to come from this guy... This is just a te...

Comet Skateboards – The Voodoo DH – Dustin Hampton

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Comet Skateboards presents the Voodoo DH. That 'DH' stands for Dustin Hampton and dont forget it. Dustin was one of the original influences behind the Voodoo Doll and we worked with him closely to create the Voodoo DH...

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