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Dominic Schenk & Emily Pross Mic’d Up KNK Raw Run – Skate[Slate].TV

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KnK Longboard Camp Red Bull No Paws Down Champion Dominic Schenk takes a mic'd up raw run of the KnK Longboard Camp 2017 course presented by KebbeK Skateboards. Thanks to Emily Pross for the video. Skate[Slate] ...

Spencer Smith Mic’d Up: Maryhill Ratz Spring Freeride – Skate[Slate].TV

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Spencer Smith was mobbing endless pack runs at the Maryhill Ratz Spring Freeride and took a Mic'd Up Run for us thanks to Emily Pross. All kinds of fun was had, but it was definitely crazy out there! The next Mar...

Catalina Island Classic 2017: Emily Pross Mic’d Up Raw – Skate[Slate].TV

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Emily Pross headed to the Catalina Island Classic presented by Sector 9 Skateboards & MuirSkate.com and sent us this lit Mic'd Up run with Micah Green, Louis Pilloni, Zak Maytum, Max Capps and Mauritz Armfelt... g...

Jacob Hales x TBO: Mic’d Up In NC – Skate[Slate].TV

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Jacob Hales takes us on a Mic'd up tour of North Carolina's Secret Surf Spot thanks to AHMYO and Team Broke Off. Rider: Jacob Hales - AHMYO Video: Matthew McKeon - Team Broke Off Presented by: AHMYO Wheels...

Emily Pross Mic’d Up Raw Run: Arico El – Bueno Freeride Presented by Kebbek

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Emily Pross is in Tenerife for the Arico El- Bueno Freeride presented by KebbeK Skateboards and jumped on a Mic'd up Raw Run for us with Alex Dehmel and Dominic Schenk thanks to BIGMOUNTAINSKATE. Check out the phot...

Daddies Mic’d Up At Maryhill: Eric Hoang Raw Run – Skate[Slate].TV

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Eric Hoang takes us for a Mic'd Up Maryhill Freeride run thanks to Daddies Board Shop and Maryhill Ratz. Registration for the The RVOD G-Ride opens tomorrow, March 18th. Details here: http://bit.ly/2nyNKHT Video an...

Adam Yates Mic’d Up Raw: Newton’s 2017 IDF WC Australia – Skate[Slate].TV

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Australia's Adam Yates takes us down the Newton's IDF WC track with a local squad featuring Luca Coleman, Patrick Walker, and Zach Hewett. Video: Adam Yates - Landyachtz / Hawgs / Bear Riders: Adam Yates, Luca...

Rob Green Mic’d Up In the Rain – Duco Skating

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ROB + RAIN = RAD. www.ducoskating.com

Emily Pross Mic’d up Chasing Ed Kiefer and Dalua

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Kozakov Challenge 2016. Watch young Ed Kiefer chase down the Brazilian Powerhouses while I narrate the whole run.

KillBillies | Garage Derp Sesh (Mic’d up)

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Some of the KillBillies team on the west side of Washington got together for some fun in parking garages! Nate hooked up the mic and got goofy with narration. Honestly the video is a whole lot of nonsense but it was f...

Mic’d Up Raw Run: 2016 RVOD Freeride w/ Wolfgang Coleman

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We met up with Landyachtz team rider Wolfgang Coleman and mic'd him up. If you've never met Wolf, he is the life of the freeride, and eats sleeps and breaths skateboarding. He's always carrying the biggest smile on hi...

Mic’d Up Raw Run: Swoopin’ with Ricker from Arbor and Paris

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Ryan Ricker has been a core part of the scene for longer than most of the skaters out there. We decided to Mic him up and see how he swoops through the curves of the Maryhill Loops Road. To his surprise, there were so...

Dylan Patton Mic’d Up Raw Run 1 of 4

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Dylan Patton and I filmed a few Mic'd Up Raw Runs this past summer and I am delivering them to you weekly. This is the first one of four raw runs we did. It was a beautiful and epic day of skating, and Dylan held it d...

Mic’d Up Raw Run: NorCal Style w/ Remy and Byron

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***This video works best with earphones*** Some places are just notorious for downhill skateboarding. Whether it's the fast mountain runs, the varying and technical terrain, or the welcoming community, NorCal has a...

Ryka Mohammadian & Emily Pross Mic’d Up Raw Run – KnK Longboard Camp – Skate[Slate].TV

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Ryka Mohammadian gets Mic'd up for a run with Emily Pross at the KnK Longboard Camp. Ryka also took 2nd at the Red Bull No Paws Down race. Full week 1 recap here: http://www.skateslate.com/?p=33047 KNK Longboard...

Whistler Longboard Festival – Byron and Chance Mic’d Up

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Registration is OPEN! Skate with us - July 1st Canada Day Freeride, and IDF World Cup on July 1-3. Don't miss the massive new skate park or bumpin' village nightlife, Thanks to Push Culture News for this unique angle....

Emily Pross – Mic’d up on GMR (feat. Max Capps)

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Emily Pross visited Ronin HQ and skated the Legendary, Glendora Mountain Road with Ronin brand manager, Max Capps. Check them out as they descend down GMR. Each rider is wearing a mic, that is capturing every word the...

Whistler Longboard Festival – Landyachtz Open Final with Striker and Troy

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Whistler Longboard Festival - Landyachtz World Cup Open Final - September 20, 2015, with commentary by Bricin "Striker" Lyons and winner Troy Grenier from Landyachtz On a wet, September day at the Sliding Centre in...

Mic’d Up Matt Deitch at Kozakov Challenge

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Matt Deitch is on mic charging at 2015 Kozakov Challenge following Garrett Creamer and European homie Jasper. Follow Matt on the interwebs: @matthew_deitch Matt's Setup: Madrid Calvin Staub Board Sucrose ...

2015 Maryhill FOS: Mic’d up run with Kyle Wester

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My good friend Kyle Wester, took my (Emily Pross) Mic for a spin on a practice day at the 2015 Maryhill Festival of Speed. Follow Kyle on the Interwebs: Facebook: www.facebook.com/KyleWesterSkate Instagram: ...

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