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Overview of 2017 Tsunami Tech – OHEF TV

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This was an idea we had for a review for a long time. Tell us what you think. The idea is to pre-edit all of the feature shots, and then dial in the talking points to match up perfectly with the edited background vide...

Parker Schmidt: Pop That – Skate[Slate].TV

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Parker Schmidt dropped some knowledge on how to stretch last week and is just straight flexin' with Omen Boards this week. Peep the Pop That video and be sure to check Parker's new guid to DH stretching here: http://b...

Pure Free Dumb: Sam Flint

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Sam Flint took to the road with Omen Boards and Free Wheel Company for some pure freedom, our rather, Free Dumb. Video thanks to Aero Media.   Check back Wednesday for a special feature on Sam's Setup!

Nick in a Minute – Omen Longboards

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Nick Hanson does it all in under 1 minute. This road is fast, fun, and frightening all in 1 and Nick chooses the scary precision of the OMEN Grim to slaughter the skids, and make it down in 1 clean cut piece. Omen ...

Spawn Overview – OMEN Longboards

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The Spawn is a long time staple of the Omen Lineup for its feature packed layout as well as Technical Topmount Tendencies. Starting at the Nose of the deck, the Spawn has a bubble drop to give your front foot a versat...

Barbarian Overview – OMEN Longboards

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The Barbarian is referred to as a wooden Matrix (In reference to our first carbon fiber board, the Carbon Matrix). It features a 1 inch drop, and symmetrical standing platform to provide a lower and more stable ride...

Mini Barbarian Overview – Omen Longboards

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The Mini-Barbarian is a smaller and more compact version of the larger Barbarian. This deck still maintains the 1" drop and symmetrical standing platform that holds your feet on tight while targeting apexes, and provi...

Griffon Overview – OMEN Longboards

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The Griffon is a collection of the best parts of the best animals, and so is our deck. Made with a 1/3" radial drop pockets, mustache rocker, and Subtle "W" cave the intent of this board was to be the quiver killer. I...

Scrapyard (Dropship TM) – OMEN Longboards

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We have started the Scrap-Yard project at Omen Longboards. We are re-issuing some decks and shapes that are previously un-released as a way to reduce our waste, as well as provide some limited runs of some unique shap...

Scrapyard (Barfight 9) – Omen Longboards

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The Scrapyard Project has it's second offering. A narrower Barfight is now available after we have saved some original Barfights that had been incorrectly cut out the first time. The Barfight 9" is a pretty simple ...

Morgan Owens – DIAMOND Raw Run – OMEN Longboards

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We call this run Diamond because you are going to have to be hard as diamonds to cut it on this road. For reference, about 75% of the people we take to this hill do not skate it for fear issues. But, we brought Morgan...

Grim Overview – Omen Longboards

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The Grim is a Downhill Enthusiasts Dream. This deck was designed for a Face First approach to skating, and gives the user uncompromising traction, and precise control during any situation. Featuring an 1/8 inch of Tri...

Behind The Raw Run: Nate Blackburn’s Raw Run For America – Skate[Slate].TV

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Nate Blackburn has been known to skate, and talk, a lot. So naturally we combined these talents to get a Behind the Raw Run Interview with Nate about his Raw Run for America. Check out the Raw Run here: Ride...

Rain Daley Raw Run: Scoliosis – Omen Longboards

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Rain Daley skates the Grim. He also likes to skate fast roads with lots of drifts. This is a raw run that does both. It is on a road affectionately named "Scoliosis" for its almost vertical and twisting corners. This ...

Omen x Aero Media – Tsunami Tech Maryhill Raw Run – Skate[Slate].TV

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Omen Longboards hooked up with Aero Media to create an bangin team edit for their new Tsunami Tech. Peep the raw run from Maryhill and watch the full video right here: http://bit.ly/2aygJZT Riders: Morgan Owens...

OMEN Longboards Tsunami Tech Team Edit

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There have been some amazing changes at our Northwest Manufacturing facility, and we have been excited to showcase what we have been frothing over. After switching up our construction to the NEW Tsunami Tech, we have ...

Nate Blackburn’s Raw Run For America – Skate[Slate].TV

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Nate Blackburn​ is a special guy and today is a special day. So Ohef TV​ put together a special raw run. Happy 4th of July America! Rider: Nate Blackburn - Omen Longboards​ / Free Wheel Company​ / Bolzen Trucks ...

Merritt Speirs – Throw Some D // OMEN Longboards

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Merritt Speirs just caught a brick in North Carolina, and still managed to get his clips together to edit a new video showcasing his skills on some steep hills. Merritt is a dedicated skater who manages to travel, and...

Max Wipperman – DFS Productions

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Max Wippermann a world class longboarder recounts his story of longboarding and his future in this 5 minute documentary short.

Unique Style with Chris Birch – OMEN Longboards

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Chris Birch has been on the OMEN Team for a very long time, and one of the things that helps to keep him relevant, and a winner in our hearts is his consistent improvement and improvisation when it comes to his person...

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