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Red Bull: Is this the longest manual on a street skateboard ever?

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Swiss skateboarder Simon Stricker just did 2.17km with an average speed of 31.5 km/h while performing a manual. On a street skateboard!The Bernina Pass is better known as a gateway for skiers but the Swiss route acted...

85KM/H Down the Road | Red Bull No Paws Down 2017

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Red Bull No Paws Down: How crazy are those guys? Longboarders are stretched to their limits in Slovenia sliding down the ominous “Bear’s Guts” course at speeds of up to 85KM/H while navigating hairpin turns in a ra...

Red Bull | The Raw Sounds of Longboarding Mt. Lemmon | Ultimate Rush

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Watch the full series of Ultimate Rush here: http://win.gs/WatchUltimateRush What does a longboard against the cold, hard pavement truly sound like? Well, grab your headphones and crank the volume! Watch and listen a...

Red Bull | How to Film from a Longboard | Ultimate Rush With Matt K

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Longboarder and cameraman Matt Kienzle takes us on a fun run of the group at Mt. Lemmon to show how he films longboarders while on a board himself. It is no easy feat but he makes it look simple. Hold on to your seat,...

Red Bull – Knk Longboard Camp – Downhill Longboarding Madness w/ No Hands Allowed!

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Four kilometres at 85kph, 18 hairpins, and a 14 percent gradient. Oh, and no hands down allowed. While most of us would likely eat $h!t at the first turn, the risk of going down a gnarly stretch of asphalt like 'Bear'...

Bombing Cannibal Canyon | Downhill Skateboarding POV

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» CLICK to watch the full edit from their session: http://win.gs/CannibalCanyon Donner Pass is known as the treacherous path westward in which travelers in the mid-1800s resulted to cannibalism to survive the harsh c...

Red Bull – Agressive Downhill Longboarding w/ No Hands Allowed

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Red Bull No Paws Down is longboarding with a twist – and plenty of action and crashes along the way. The Slovenian track is steep, the roads super fast, and the catch? You CAN'T use your hands to slide, making for a s...

KNK Longboard Camp 2015 – Red Bull No Paws Down Race

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At the end of July, typical Slovenian weather is warm and dry, ideal conditions for a longboarding event where competitors race downhill around a series of hairpin bends, with the added twist of not being allowed to c...