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S1 Helmets / Eduardo Cordero Cheer Up

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Eduardo Cordero headed out with the boys at Brainwash Media in Mexico to collect some fresh cips in a few different fullface colors. Eduardo wears the S1 Lifer Fullface. shop.s1helmets.com

S1 Helmets / Chela Giraldo Angelopolis

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After a long stint working in a call center Chela is finally free! She has celebrated this week on a local favorite named Angelopolis testing out the new S1 Fullface and Kneepads.

S1 Helmets / Juan Pablo Villegas en la finca

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Up in the hills of western Medellin a series of fine farms rest on the sides of a beautiful twisting run. Juan Pablo takes his fullface for a run.

S1 Helmet / Oscar Gutierrez Tequila

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Oscar Gutierrez rips by some fresh agave in Tequila, Mexico. Oscar wears the S1 Lifer Helmet!

S1 Lifer Helmet / Best Skateboard Helmet

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http://shop.s1helmets.com/our-mission-1/ In 2010 we took soft foam helmets from every brand including S1 into the testing lab and discovered every single one of them failed current helmet safety standards. This ...

S1 Helmets / William Royce Round II

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Will Royce knows no caution. See him in Medellin's Yolombo with the new S1 Lifer Fullface.

S1 Helmets / The Duality of Man / Fullface Helmet Feature

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The S1 Fullface Helmet is finally here! After years of development we finally had something we were incredibly proud of. Madison Crum brought his lid down to Medellin, Colombia to visit Alex Ameen for some runs into t...

S1 Helmets / World State with Madison Crum and Eduardo Cordero in Colombia

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Madison Crum and Eduardo Cordero Cruised in to Medellin, Colombia to get some time on the hill with Alex and the Locals like Felipe Masmelo and Juan Pablo Villegas. All of the boys wear the S1 Lifer Helmet  http://sh...

S1 Helmets / Panelo Sobreviviente de la Teta

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For ages heroes have stepped to the top of La Teta to film and attempted to make it down unscathed. Medellin Local Sebastian "El Panelo" Zuluaga is the first to ever lay down a completely clean run on film. After year...

Best of Bad Decisions Alex: October 2016 – Skate[Slate].TV

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When you're straight flexin your meme game and late submitting videos... Check out the Best of Bad Decisions October thanks to Alex Owen Ameen. Featuring: Sho Ouellette, Juan Pablo Villegas, Panelo, Kalil Hammouri,...

S1 Helmets / Sho Ouellette en Catedral

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If Colombia has "a classic" like The Fish of California or BPs of Vancouver, it is almost certainly Catedral. The benchmark insane run that everyone needs their turn on. This week Sho gets his chance to show his moves...

Best of Bad Decisions Alex: September 2016 – Skate[Slate].TV

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Alex Owen Ameen​ has all the bangers from September jam packed into another Best of Bad Decisions! Featuring: Oscar Gutierrez, Pablo Quiles, Garrett Gourley, Levi Green, Eduardo Cordero, Ian McSherry, Sho Ouellette...

S1 Helmets / Sho Ouellette Downhill Samurai

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Sho Ouellette traveled all the way from Vancouver, Canada to Medellin, Colombia to work on a few video parts with Alex and live cheap for a month. They grabbed a few follow runs down one of the city's most classic hil...

Pablo Quiles Raw Island Rip With Alex Ameen – Skate[Slate].TV

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Gnarlicante.com's Pablo Quiles just moved to Switzerland, but the Spanish ripper is always on the move. We found some video we almost forgot about from Alex Owen Ameen, so we're throwing it back for thursday with a si...

Best of Bad Decisions Alex: June 2016 – Skate[Slate].TV

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June was a banger month for sure and Alex Ameen has the best of Bad Decisions all wrapped up into one rad edit. Featuring: Will Royce, Juan Pablo Villegas, Will Royce, Felipe Marin, Axel Serrat, Adam Astor, James W...

S1 Helmets / Oscar and Pablo

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Oscar Gutierrez made his way up to SoCal from Mexico and ripped down a misty mountain run. Juan Pablo Villegas took us down some technical and crowded neighborhood runs in his home Medellin, Colombia. Pablo and Oscar ...

Ian Mcsherry – Alex “Bad Decisions” Ameen Raw Run – Skate[Slate].TV

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Ian Mcsherry is all skate and all stoke. Alex Ameen made a stop off in Southern California on his way north and caught up with the yung ripper to capture some footage and play with his fancy new lens. Ian doesn't disa...

S1 Helmets / Chela Giraldo

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After a few months of living in Medellin, Colombia Chela Giraldo racked up an impressive edit ripping around the nearby mountain ranges. Chela wears the S1 Mini Lifer Helmet

S1 Helmets / Guillermo Arroz AKA Bill Rice AKA Will Royce

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Will Royce has a fascination with latin countries. Maybe it's the cheap beer, the lack of traffic laws, or the women, but most likely all three. During his most recent visit to Colombia he went for a rip down Pablo Es...

Bad Decisions Alex Best of: March 2016 – Skate[Slate].TV

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Always on fire, Alex Ameen keeps you asking why with another episode of Bad Decisions, Best of March. *Don't make Bad Decisions. Skateboarding is fun and dangerous. We do not recommend you film with Alex Ameen ever...

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