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Red Bull: Is this the longest manual on a street skateboard ever?

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Swiss skateboarder Simon Stricker just did 2.17km with an average speed of 31.5 km/h while performing a manual. On a street skateboard!The Bernina Pass is better known as a gateway for skiers but the Swiss route acted...

I HOUR // Longboard Dance x Freestyle *BIGGERspin on a DANCER?!*

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The best way to spend an hour... Did a lot new and creative combo's, had the most fun and at the end... Landed a trick I've literally dreamed of! Never expected to land this and it still makes me proud thinking of it....

the best hippie jump ever, il miglior salto con lo Skateboard in Italia

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Lotfi Lamaali con un solo Hippie Jump salta la transenna al The Death Dance 4 in Italia a Paderno dugnano, By Boardstyle, video by Pampa

Lambert Bowe: The Transition

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He's back for another video, and moving on from his former sponsor Gravity Skateboards. Big things ahead.

TRICKS I DON’T USUALLY DO | Longboard Freestyle & Dance

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In a sudden burst of creativity, I wrote down new combo's and stopped learning for a 1.5 hour session. Tried a whooole bunch of tricks I never did before and some kinds of tricks I never really do. This session felt s...

Orangatang Wheels Trick Tip | Old School Flips with Steven Vera

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Orangatang Ambassador Steven Vera shares his wealth of knowledge of the longboard vernacular with a handy lesson on old school flips/underflips. Setup: Landyachtz Dodger, Polar Bears, Orangatang Orange Stimulus ...

Boneless Everything – Carmen Shafer

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Carmen Shafer putting in work at the park.

Loaded Trick Tips en Español | El Frontside Predrift con Fer Vega

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Nuestro multifacético Loaded Embajador Mexicano, Fernando Vega, nos enseña uno de los trucos más básicos y necesarios para controlar tu velocidad al bajar cuestas: El Frontside Predrift! Setup: Loaded Cantellated T...

Brandon Desjarlais TRICK TIP: POP SHOVE IT

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Learn the pop shove it on your longboard today! Learning this trick is crucial in progressing into other more difficult tricks. The pop shove it is easy to land with 3 simple steps: nail the pop, stick the landing,...

LONGBOARD CHALLENGE | Most Tricks In 30 Seconds

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As much kickflips, Shovits, No-Comply's,... as possible in 30 seconds. This sounded like a fun challenge, and it definitely was! Watch me battle time with this fun challenge as well as trying new tricks and fooling ar...

STAY STOKED | Longboard Dance x Freestyle | PIDGEY (Tiger Claw Double Flip!?!)

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Not only his first Tiger Claw Double Flip, but many other sick lines and combo's. Pidgey was just KILLIN' it so hard that I just had to make a separate video from it! Enjoy his next level handtrickery combined with sm...

Loaded Boards Trick Tips en Español | Fakie 360 Slides con Camilo Cespedes

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Loaded Ambassador Camilo Cespedes nos enseña como hacer fakie slides 360 y 270 en tierras Californianas. Setup: Loaded Overland, Aera Trucks, Orangatang Purple Skiffs We like you... Like us too at: http://www.f...

Loaded Trick Tips en Español | Shuv Its con Marco Sandoval

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Nuestro embajador mexicano Marco Sandoval nos enseña esta semana a hacer Pop Shuv-Its en una TanTien con lineas particulares. Mantente atento para mas "trick tips" en tu idioma. Setup: Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2, Gull...

Creating New Longboard Combo’s | DITL 19 | Dance x Freestyle

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Done with exams... Time for some hard SHREDDING! Awesome day in Hasselt with Pieter creating new combo's and learning new tricks. Pretty sure it's one of my favorite DITL videos yet :) | SOCIAL MEDIA | INSTAGRAM...

GAME OF S.K.A.T.E. – Nick Jones

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Game of S.K.A.T.E. vs. Mason! Sponsored by Somete Longboards

Loaded Trick TIps en Español | Old School Varial Flips con Marco Sandoval

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Nuestro embajador mexicano Marco Sandoval nos trae otra adición a su bolsa de trucos en la nueva Tan Tien. El "Old School Varial Flip" Setup: Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2, Gullwing Reverse Trucks, Orangatang Orange Fat F...

How To No Comply Shuv It – Yassine Boundouq

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Tawa Lessons is a longboard series of short video about everything related to longboard, to share the love of this sport, You can support us by: Subscribe on YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHAq......

Nick Jones: 25 No-Comply Tricks

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25 of my favorite No-Comply tricks

Tim Borovszky’s Top 10 Longboard Tricks

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Filmed & Edited by: Michael Lewchyshyn Cinematographer Board: Cosmo Longboard Co. 48" Milky Way Song: Justice v Simian - We Are Your Friends

Longboarding Days with Nick Jones

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Some old clips of just skating around and enjoying it.

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