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Cuei Wheels – 74mm Killers

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Cuei Wheels presents to you the 74mm Killers The Cuei Killers are your wheel choice for blasting down big mountain roads and hitting your favorite race circuits. They come in a 74mm tall by 65.5mm contact patch ...

Remember 74a Lil Hoots Review – Motionboardshop

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We are back and kicking and we have a review on the Remember Lil Hoots but this time in the 74a durometer. We had Jackson Wells start out this review to highlight the traditional use for this freeride wheel, but then ...


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Reshaping a wheel is something we've all wanted to do at a certain point. And after some years of Akasha shredding. We wanted to drift some more on that beautiful thane and core. So we modified just a tiny bit an alre...

AHMYO VIBEZ 64mm 84a

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AHMYO Vibez emerged to resonate and spread the goodness they contain in every shape and form of skateboarding. Whether your sliding sidewalks or bombing mountain roads. These Vibez are highly powered to provide fun a...

Cloud Ride Wheels: 69mm Cruisers with David Bubier

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Follow David Bubier as he sets out to core a set of the 69mm 78a Cloud Ride Cruiser Wheels, keeping you up-to-date with his thoughts along the way! Stay tuned through the end for full value on this one. Video: Zack...

Slusheez in Paradise – Cloud Ride Wheels

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This is what Cloud Ride Slusheez were made for! Follow Mariano Conti down this slidey run in in paradise. Video: Andrea Pedrotti

Roman Candles – Raw run with Victor Bompart

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www.harfangwheels.com Team rider Emily Pross​ lent her reshaped RAD Release Roman Candles to Victor Manuel Bompart Cairos​ for an epic run on Anaconda, Tenerife! Follow car : Ayoze Martin Pérez

Test Ride Powell Peralta Snakes Wheels | MuirSkate Longboard Shop

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MuirSkate is back at it again with the Test Rides! In this episode watch as Scott and Joe slip and slide with Powell Peralta's newest freeride wheel, The 69mm Snakes. Slither on over to MuirSkate.com and get a set ...

Test Ride Venom Hard in the Paint Wheels | MuirSkate Longboard Shop

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We heard that the new Venom 'Hard in the Paint' Wheels absolutely dump thane. Check out as Scott 'El Beasto' Lembach and Joe Gutkowski paint the road white in this MuirSkate Test Ride. 71mm Venom 'Hard in the Paint...

20 Slides with the Mini Slides and David Bubier

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Want to learn more about Cloud Ride Mini Slides? Well instead of telling you, we figured we'd just show you. Here's David Bubier with 20(ish) slides on the Mini Slides. Video: Zack Wolf

Raphael Therrien – Testing Harfang Freeride prototypes

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www.harfangsheels.com Team rider Raphael Therrien testing some top secret freeride prototypes. Wait till the end...

Sector 9 LumiSkate Series: Glow in the Dark Skateboards

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The new LumiSkate Series from Sector 9 allows you to take back the night! Glow in the dark graphic and wheels with luminescent urethane that charges while you roll. Perfect commuting board day or night! Available i...

Flatspot Product Review: Arbor Sucrose Bogart Wheels

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Feeling dumpy after Taco Tuesday? Dump thane with the Arbor Skateboards​ Sucrose Bogart Wheels! Full details in our latest product review! Find the Sucrose Bogarts here: http://bit.ly/2fSerW7 WEB: https://flats...

AHMYO Wheels – Jacob Hales // VIBEZ 64mm 84a

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Jacob Hales Enlightens us with this dope ad for our new AHMYO VIBEZ 64mm 84a ! Check it out and get some ! #trustyothane

NC FAM on AHMYO Vibez !

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Stephen and Marshall from The NC fam, went out for a rip on the local rollercoasters to try ou tour new AHMYO Vibez 64mm 84a. Filmed and edited by our one and only Madison Crum.

Harfang x Abec 11 Wheels: Brandon Desjarlais On Fire!

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Brandon DesJarlais joins Harfang Wheels and sparks Abec 11 Wheels with a lit collaboration! Harfang founder Yann Lhermitte has been pushing the current boundaries of design and manufacturing (modification) with...

DB’s Longboarding 101 – How to Stop; Foot Breaking, Advanced Carving, Coleman Slide

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Learning to stop is one of the most important skills any longboarder can add to their quiver. In this tutorial we show you how to slow down, and stop by foot breaking, carving, and sliding.

DB’s Longboarding 101 – How to Push and Carve on a Longboard

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In this episode we walk you through the basics of how to ride a longboard. Spencer Smith explains how to determine your stance, position your feet, pushing best practices, and the basics of carving on your longboard. ...

DB’s Longboarding 101 – Adjusting your trucks, wheels, and bearings

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Spencer smith walks you through how to adjust your longboard trucks, wheels, bearings and more. Learn the best tips and tricks to progress your longboarding by fine tuning your setup. This tutorial includes how to cha...

DB’s Longboarding 101 – Longboard components, tips, and tricks

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Learn the basics of longboarding in the first episode of our tutorial series. Learn how to identify and understand the different components of a longboard. Spencer smith walks you through longboard deck styles, trucks...

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